Glass Coating


Rain Repellent Windscreen Coating
The best and most durable permanent nano coating for car windscreens and any other type organic glass.
Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro is best suited for Professionals, but a seasoned DIY Enthusiast will handle it after learning the application instructions.
Extreme durability – proven to last for up to 30 000 miles on car windscreen, or up to 3 years of driving.
With our experience of over 17 years in the industry and more than 3 years of durability proven, it is by far the best coating for windscreens and windows in the market today.
Extreme durability and functionality in all weather conditions. Max Protect Ultimate Glass Coat Pro dramatically improves visibility and improves safety when driving in poor weather conditions, especially at night time. When driving above 50MPH, you hardly ever need to use wiper blades – raindrops form into nice little water beads and the airflow pushes them off the glass.
Furthermore ice, dirt and insects do not stick to the glass and cleaning the windows is very easy – all you need is water and a cloth, no need to use expensive cleaning detergents.
This product can be applied on any type of organic glass – car windows, house windows, glassware, etc. Protected surfaces stay cleaner for much longer and are very easy to clean.