Wash & Care

Car detailing is the process of cleaning a car to such a degree that restores its condition to it’s original show-room condition. The car detailing process includes various steps such as cleaning, polishing and protecting both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
Washing & Cleaning is the first step of your car detailing, which helps you to decontaminate your car from any dirt, stains and other surface pollutants like brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust etc which can damage your car surface. Everyday your car is exposed to the elements, air-borne nasties are landing on your car; fallout, overspray, iron (ferrous) metal, bugs, tar, road film, tree sap and others, bonding to the paintwork and leaving it looking dull and feeling like sand paper. These nasties are called as contaminants and the process of this occurring as contamination.
WHEELS & TIRES: The wheels & tire cleaning also includes decontamination of brake dust, iron deposit & tar using specific cleaners like Gyeon Q2M IRON and Gyeon Q2M TAR which are body safe and not only cleans but also restores the lost look. This process ensures your ride’s wheels are free from any iron contamination and break-dust, presence of which otherwise can corrode and damage the alloy wheels.

SALT & MINERAL DEPOSIT REMOVAL, LOGO CLEANING: All the dirt, salt and mineral deposits are removed from the body, especially from the logo using special body safe chemicals & special brushes.

CAR WASH: The body is thoroughly washed using PH-neutral shampoo like Gyeon Q2M Bathe that’s safe on paints and coating, and will be dried using the waffle weave towel which will ensure no further streaks are induced on the paint surface.

TAR DECONTAMINATION: Vehicles usually collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during daily use, these tar spots will be removed using Gyeon Q2M TAR.

CLAYING: After washing the car thoroughly to get rid of the surface contaminants, it will be later clayed using Gyeon Q2M Clay to remove any further contaminants that are bonded with the paint and were not able to get removed by washing. After this process, you ride will be completely free from any contaminants & dirt.