Wheels & Caliper Coating

Ultimate Nano Coat V3

Clear Nano Glass Coating for bare metal.
Heat Resistant, Anti-Rust & Extremely Resistant to Chemical Attacks.
Ultimate Nano Coat v3 is a permanent nano glass coating for bare metal. Works on any type of metal, ferrous or non-ferrous. A single layer of this product stops bare aluminium from oxidising.
UNC v3 can be applied in multiple layers for increased durability. We recommend to leave at least 12 hours between the layers.
Heat resistance of up to +1200c, ensures this product can be applied on engines and exhausts or any other bare metal parts.
Protected surfaces are rust-free, heat resistant and super easy to clean!
If applied in multiple layers on a rough surface – remove excess product from first layer, but leave untouched for the second layer for increased durability.